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Woodville Zoning Code

Woodville's Zoning Code (a.k.a. Codified Ordinaces) were adopted in 1990. As with most documents of this type, it has been modified and updated on occasion to keep its intent current, but for the most part, the basics enacted prior to 1990 are intact. The best applied zoning program in a small municipality should be the least intrusive as possible, but at times when conficts arise between someone's new plans and existing neighborhoods, or the Village as a whole, zoning becomes a necessary tool to mediate and to apply the best solution.

The workings of the Village Zoning Code is a somewhat simple process with a resident's or business's first contact in any building project being the Village Administrator (VA), who also is the Village Zoning Inspector. The VA will will provide an application and guide the applicant throught the process. In most cases, the project will fall withing the parameters of the Zoning Code, but when needed a variance procedure is available. The first step in any variance is an application to the Village Zoning Board of Appeals. This Board meets on an as needed basis to review any variance request. The Zoning Board consists of five Village residents and their responsibility in any decision is to weigh what is best for the Village.

In addition, the Village Zoning Code can be modified through a structured process in which an amendment to the Village Zoning Code can be proposed. This modification can be in either the actual text of the Zoning Code or an amendment ot the Village Zoning Map which sets the Village's Zoning Districts. This structured process proceeds in accordance with the regulations outlined in the Village Codified Ordinances and Zoning Code. The process begins with the petitioner that would like to propose a change, proceeds to the Village Planning Commission, and ends with a decision of the Village Council.
Please contact the Village Administrator for the particulars in the process.

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