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Woodville Pool 2015


Regular Season


FIRST DAY:  Sunday, June 7TH

 LAST DAY: Saturday, August 15TH




  • Anyone under the age of 10 will not be permitted into the Woodville Pool without a parent, guardian or sibling older than 12!  If the parent/guardian or sibling leaves the pool, the child under age 10 must also leave**


  • BY LAW, Children under 6 years old shall be accompanied by an adult while in the water at all times!


  • A parent or legal guardian shall accompany any minor child, with any known or treated disabilities, at all times.  For the safety of all patrons, please notify the Pool Manager of any issues that could arise regarding discipline or other pool rules and regulations that the pool follows.




Monday – Thursday & Saturday:                                   Open Swim: 1 PM – 7 PM

Friday & Sunday:                                                         Open Swim: 1 PM - 5 PM



HOURS – Noon to 5:00 pm





Woodville Pool Daily Admissions


                        5 & under                          FREE

                        6 & over                            $4.00

                        Seniors (65 & older)          $2.00 (IN Bathing Suit)


SORRY, NO REFUNDS due to Weather conditions or pool Closing Early!


Guidelines for Opening and Closing the pool:


  1. Air temperature shall be at least 70 degrees;


  1. Hours subject to change at the discretion of the REC Board and Pool Mgmt.


  1. Severe Weather:  If an electrical storm or thunderstorm or tornado warning is broadcast or present, everyone will be notified.  The pool MAY close if the weather situation warrants, at the manager's discretion.  Woodville Pool MAY reopen later in the day, weather permitting.


Pool Pass Guidelines


1.       Immediate family to receive passes has to meet the following guidelines:


A.      Immediate family shall include the husband, wife, children, stepchildren, foster children or children who have the adults as guardians.


B.       ALL individuals MUST live in the same household.


C.       Children shall be 21 years of age or younger.


D.      May be older than 21 years of age and a FULL TIME college   student (Student ID required).


2.        To receive the resident rate, proof of residency is required. To be considered a resident, individuals/families must live within the village limits.


3.       A Single pass is good for one person only.


4.       Passes must be presented each time for admission into the pool.


5.       If a replacement pool pass is needed, the cost will be $1.00 for each replacement pass.



Fees:                $150.00 – More than 75 people - 2 Hours w/ 3 or 4 guards

                $125.00 – 50 – 74 people – 2 Hours w/ 3 guards

                $100.00 – 1 - 49 people – 2 Hours w/ 2 guards

                $  40.00 – Each additional hour


Available Times:   Monday – Sunday:               8 PM -10 PM

Sunday & Friday                6 - 8 PM and/or 8 - 10PM


To schedule a pool rental or for availability:


·        Request must be made within 2 weeks prior to date requested

·        Call the pool Manager (849-2005) or stop by the pool office.

·       A $50.00 deposit MUST be paid when requesting a specific date for rental within 24 hours of the request along with a signed contract.  (**Deposit is non-refundable if not cancelled 24 prior to rental)

·       The remaining balance MUST be paid on the night of the rental prior to the start of the rental time. 

The Rental includes 2 - 4 guards (depending on size of party) during the rental and use of diving and slide equipment. You are permitted to bring floats and toys for rentals, as well as food/snacks etc.


Slide & Diving Board Rules


1.     Only One person on the diving board or slide at a time.

2.    Only One person on the ladders at a time.

3.    Cannot wear masks off the diving boards or slide.

4.    Cannot wear life jackets off the diving boards or slide.

5.    You MUST go FEET FIRST when using the slide, NO EXCEPTIONS!

6.    You MUST jump straight off the end of the diving board.

7.    Persons must wait at the bottom of the ladder of the slide or diving boards until the person preceding them has finished sliding or diving.

8.    Make sure the person is out of the water before you go off the board.

9.  One bounce ONLY on the diving board when diving. Feet only bounces.

No exceptions. Any person not using the diving boards correctly will be evicted from the pool for the remainder of the season.

10. NO parent/sibling will be permitted to be in the water at the diving board or slide area to catch a child. Lifeguards ONLY will be permitted in these areas for this purpose.

General Pool Rules


1.     Insubordination by any guest, regardless of age, to lifeguards' requests, involving rules and safety, will not be tolerated and may be a dismissal from the pool at the pool management’s’ discretion.

2.    NO boisterous or rough play, NO towel snapping, wrestling moves, or objectionable language or conduct will be permitted.

3.    NO running, shoving, fighting or pushing anyone in the pool area.

4.    Proper swim attire; NO T-shirts or cut-off shorts.

  1. NO smoking in the pool area or within 100 ft of the pool
  2. NO Alcoholic beverages in the pool area.
  3. NO inflated rubber toys, inner tubes, water wings or similar articles will be permitted in the pool.  Balls are also prohibited unless approved by the guards.  (Does not apply to the baby pool).  Squirt guns and water balloons are not permitted.
  4. Parents are responsible for monitoring/overseeing their children if they are using the bathhouse. 
  5. All life jackets MUST be coast guard approved and CANNOT be worn off the diving boards or slide. Please get life jackets approved by manager or lifeguard in office before entering the water. NOTE: If your child has to wear a life jacket you must accompany them in the water at all times.
  6. NO swimming in the diving OR slide areas.
  7. NO diving off the sides of the pool.
  8. Swim diapers ARE required for children not potty trained in kiddy and large pools. Disposable and cloth diapers are not permitted. 
  9. Food and Drink MUST stay behind the red line on the deck and grass areas.
  10. No Glass containers of any kind in the pool area.
  11. Persons with severe colds, cuts, sores, etc. will not be permitted in the pool. 
  12. Any person becoming ill in or around the pool will be asked to leave.
  13. The Pool will be cleared each hour for a 10-minute safety break.  Adults ONLY (18 years and older) may swim during this time in the large pool.  NO guards will be on duty during this time.
  14. No cameras or cell phone cameras will be permitted in the locker rooms at any time.


2015 Learn to Swim Classes



Thank you for supporting the Woodville Community Pool, we appreciate your business. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the manager at 419-849-2005 during operating hours. We are looking forward to a fun and safe swimming season.


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